Youth pastor overestimates preaching ability after wowing main service

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TAMPA — Danny Elmore, youth pastor at Living Way church, has grown too big for his britches after substituting for the pastor in the main service last Sunday, according to fellow staff members.

“He’s walking around like he’s some big cheese,” says the Sunday school director, whose office sits across the hall from the youth wing.

Elmore got a fair amount of applause and laughs, they concede, but they point out that pinch-hitters always have the crowd’s sympathy. Elmore balanced his message between humorous anecdotes and passionate preaching, the kind usually reserved for youth services. But other pastors think he confused the audience’s good will with approval.

“After telling them five times he was nervous and to ‘take it easy on him,’ of course people were going to clap and laugh at his jokes,” said the associate pastor. “It doesn’t mean he’s in line for the crown.”

Elmore, flush with success, took a few vacation days off to celebrate, leaving associates to stew privately. ?